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Need artwork but can't draw?

Welcome to DevelopmentArt, the website for development-related art. If you need illustrations for a development-oriented publication, poster or website, but you can't draw, this site is for you.

meeting2.jpg (2445 bytes)Clip art is copyright-free artwork you can use in documents, websites or extension manuals. There's a lot available on CD-ROM or over the Internet. Nice pictures, but the vast majority are Western-oriented, like the one to the right. Not much use for promoting development. In fact, there's very little artwork available that's relevant to developing countries.

Copyright-free drawings

079soil1.gif (3078 bytes)DevelopmentArt has a collection of copyright-free, downloadable, publication-quality line drawings, drawn by professional artists in Asia and Africa. Select the topic you want, browse through the thumbnails, click on the picture you want, and download it to your own computer. It's free. All we ask is that if you use a picture, please credit the original artist or the publication it came from.

DevelopmentArt collects artwork (mainly line drawings), asks for copyright permission, and makes it available to others: extension workers, development organizations, and the like. We have a large collection, which we're gradually scanning and putting on this site.

061legu5.gif (2594 bytes)Contact an artist

How to find an artist who can draw what you want? Simple: check our list of artists. If you're an artist yourself and draw development-related themes, you can get yourself listed here for free.

Clip art sources

102cred1.gif (2830 bytes)This list of sources of development-oriented clip art gives titles and publication details of clip-art books, CD-ROMs and other sources of development-related art.

Create and manage your artwork

This short how-to guide tells you how to make your own artwork from existing pictures, even if you don't have any artistic skills. It also has hints on organizing and managing your artwork collection.

Help wanted

090gend3.gif (2919 bytes)Know of any good clip-art sources related to development? Or have any yourself? All contributions gratefully received: copyright-free (permission of the original copyright owner), on paper or scanned (min 300 dpi, TIFF or GIF format). We're also interested in colour graphics and photos. And help us add to our list of artists. Please get in touch!

About DevelopmentArt

DevelopmentArt is an initiative to promote the use of art for development. Find out more here.

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